Potting Table

This potting table was a great dumpster diving find! It’s fun taking a piece of discarded furniture and bringing it back to life, especially when it’s curbside trash. No money invested, so if it doesn’t work, no money lost. A neighbor was tossing this sewing machine cabinet. I knew I could turn it into a working piece of furniture. I ... Read More »

Large Floor Pillows

I had a few large floor pillows that I wanted to re-cover, so it was time to get a little creative. We recently had fun making a burlap headboard so I thought why not use the extra burlap bags to cover the pillows? If you have access to used, or new, empty large burlap bags they are great for a ... Read More »

Hoosier Cabinet

I have always liked old cabinets with metal tops. I didn’t know anything about Hoosier cabinets until we saw the tag on the bottom and searched the internet. This particular kitchen cabinet belonged to my husband’s Great Grandma Scott. The metal top pulls out so it doubled as a kitchen table in Grandma Scott’s kitchen. Greg remembers walking to her ... Read More »

Cheap Home Accessories

Flea Market and Garage Sales are a great place to find cheap home accessories. And best of all you don’t have to be a decorator or designer to have an eye for great finds. My husband has always been able to find great stuff and he’s not any of the above. He finds it and I have fun fixing, painting, refinishing ... Read More »

Home Accessories

The best things in life are free, especially when it comes to home accessories. Discarded stuff left in basements, attics, garages and in the neighbor’s trash could be an awesome accessory, piece of furniture or art piece for you. Not to mention re-purposed materials are a good thing, think Green. Moving accessories around to different rooms in the house is an easy ... Read More »

Book Cabinet

Pictured is an old book cabinet Greg rescued from his sister Wendy’s basement. Greg’s great grandfather used this book shelf cabinet in his office. We recycled the cabinet and placed it by our fireplace in the living room. The cabinet was in good condition, it needed very little work to make it usable again. It had minor scratches, the finish ... Read More »

Oil Lamps

Oil lamps not only look good they are easy to use and maintain. No wax mess, the wicks and oil are inexpensive and can easily be replaced. Unlike wax candles, oil lamps are easy to light every time, no cutting wax away from the wick or excess wax from the sides. Oil lamps are also easy to make from most ... Read More »

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

When brainstorming bedroom decorating ideas, guest bedrooms usually are at the bottom of the list. Most guest bedrooms become the storage room or decorated with left over furniture or hand-me-downs. If the hand-me-downs are antiques, that doesn’t mean old and boring. Bring antique pieces to the future by painting them or by using accessories to make them look updated. Some ... Read More »